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Fancy Color Diamonds

The world of fancy color diamonds


Diamonds occur in nature in a variety of colors, although only one in every 10,000 diamonds is a diamond with true natural color.  In the trade these diamonds are known as “fancy color diamonds”.  They are among the most valuable diamonds in the market.


The diamonds acquire their color variations through different natural means.  Traces of elements in the diamonds themselves can create color.  Yellow diamonds contain trace elements of nitrogen; blue diamonds contain traces of boron.  Green diamonds, among the rarest fancy color diamonds  in nature, occur as a result of radiation being present during the time of the diamond’s creation.  The red and argyle diamond are also among the rarest diamonds in nature.  Color diamonds appear in every variety of hue in the spectrum, and each possesses its own unique color variation. 


Color intensity is used in the grading of fancy colored diamonds and the scale of intensity and the terms used begin with Faint and continue in gradation to Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and ending in Fancy Deep.

Intensity and richness in hue are the most important things to look for in evaluating a color diamond’s value.  The more intense and rich the color, the more worth the diamond has.  The other two factors in determining the value of a fancy color diamond, following the all important determination of its grade, are its carat weight and then, its clarity.


The cutting of these color diamonds pays special attention to emphasize and complement the color.  The cut also attempts to set each diamond’s sparkle and brilliance to optimum advantage.


A fancy colored diamond cannot be commodified at set prices, and as with other fine articles of value, its price will depend on its shape, size, and overall quality, as well as market considerations at the time of its sale.

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