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Black Diamonds

Welcome to our black diamonds collection!
Below you can find a wide selection of fancy black diamonds for collectors, businesses and private consumers.
Our black diamonds collection includes loose black diamonds in a variety of hues, ranging from light grayish to dark chocolaty black diamonds.
Our black diamonds can be found in different cuts and shapes and with different clarity levels, all with GIA certification. Being a diamonds manufacturer, REDDiam can offer you black diamonds at very competitive prices. Don't forget to visit our black diamonds list frequently, as we update our collection with new and rare black diamonds on a regular basis.

1.13 Radiant None $ 3,955 Fancy Black GIA
7.03 Cushion None $ 12,654 Fancy Black GIA
8.04 Round None $ 17,688 Fancy Black GIA
5.04 Radiant None $ 15,120 Fancy Black GIA
1.36 Round None $ 2,040 Fancy Black GIA
1.26 Round None $ 1,890 Fancy Black GIA