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Blue Diamonds

Welcome to our Fancy blue diamond collection!

Blue diamonds symbolize faith and heavenly grace and are formed due to the presence of boron during their creation. At Reddiam, you will find a wide range of the rarest loose natural blue diamonds in various tones, tints and shades. Our Fancy diamond collection features dazzling blue diamonds in different clarity levels, cuts and carats. All certified by GIA or IGI, the blue diamonds at REDDiam are available at highly competitive prices. Below is shown an extensive collection of our fancy blue diamonds for dealers, trade members, private consumers and collectors. We keep updating our assortment of beautiful blue diamonds to bring you all new, rare and magnificent blue diamonds. Please make sure you visit us frequently.
1.55 Radiant VS2 $ 34,100 Greenish Blue GIA & GIA
0.58 Radiant SI1 $ 34,800 Fancy Blue GIA & GIA
0.15 Oval VS2 $ 7,200 Fancy Intense Blue Green GIA
0.15 Oval VVS2 $ 7,200 Fancy Intense Blue Green GIA
0.22 Pear VS1 $ 12,760 Fancy Intense Green Blue GIA
0.13 Pear None $ 23,400 Fancy Vivid Green Blue GIA
0.09 Radiant None $ 7,200 Fancy Intense Blue Green GIA
0.42 Pear None $ 14,200 Fancy Intense Yellowish Orange GIA & GIA
0.12 Baguette None $ 2,160 Gray Blue GIA
0.07 Marquise None $ 2,450 Fancy Grayish Blue GIA
0.29 Heart None $ 10,150 Fancy Gray Blue GIA
1.84 Cushion None $ 55,200 Fancy Blue Gray GIA
0.11 Cushion None $ 5,500 Fancy Blue GIA
0.14 Radiant None $ 14,000 Fancy Intense Blue Green GIA

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