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Pink Diamonds

Welcome to our Fancy pink diamond collection!

Below you can find a great selection of rare fancy pink diamonds for collectors, private and businesses consumers.
Our Fancy diamond collection includes a line of ravishing, loose pink diamonds in a variety of shades and hues, ranging from affordable very light pink diamonds to auction level fancy vivid purplish pink diamonds. Also for true pink diamond enthusiasts we have a special collection of Argyle Pink diamonds from the world famous mine in Australia.
Our pink diamonds are available in various cuts and clarity levels, and are all certified natural by the leading labs such as GIA, IGI and our own in house grading. Being a Fancy diamond manufacturer, Reddiam can offer you pink diamonds at very competitive prices.

0.19 Radiant None $ 4,750 Fancy Intense Orangey Pink GIA
1.05 Radiant None $ 9,450 Light Pink GIA
1.37 Cushion VS2 $ 23,290 Fancy Brown Pink GIA
0.8 Heart VS1 $ 14,400 Light Pink GIA
0.44 Radiant IF $ 2,860 Faint Pink GIA
0.24 Cushion SI2 $ 7,920 Fancy Intense Purple Pink GIA
0.23 Cushion None $ 6,900 Fancy Intense Purplish Pink GIA
0.19 Cushion None $ 4,750 Fancy Intense Pink Purple GIA
0.1 Radiant None $ 2,600 Fancy Deep Pink GIA
0.12 Radiant None $ 3,000 Fancy Deep Pink GIA
0.93 Radiant I1 $ 16,740 Pink GIA
0.25 Round None $ 750 Pink RED
1.07 Radiant SI1 $ 16,050 Fancy Pink Brown GIA
1.01 Radiant VS1 $ 17,675 Fancy Deep Brown Pink GIA
2.7 Oval VS2 $ 432,000 Fancy Purplish Pink GIA & GIA

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