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Violet Diamonds

Welcome to our violet diamonds collection!

Violet is the color of spirituality. Whether it is dark violet or pale purplish violet diamond, all are equally beautiful and magnificent. At Reddiam, you can find a very small variety of loose fancy violet diamonds available in a few different shapes, sizes, cuts, shades and clarity levels. As a diamond manufacturer, we take pride in offering our violet diamonds at very competitive prices. All of our diamonds are IGI or GIA certified. Violet diamonds are among  the rarest types of fancy diamonds and can only be found in small sizes. You can see our small selection of violet diamonds in the list shown below. We always update our catalogue with new and rare violet diamonds as soon as they arrive so don’t forget to visit it frequently. For sale today is our current collection which can be seen below.
0.06 Oval None $ 3,300 Fancy Grayish Violet GIA