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New Fancy Color Diamond Website Coming Soon!

We are delighted to let you all know we are in the final stages of developing our brand new online store. The new website will be launched sometime early 2016 (final date will be announced soon). It will feature, as always, our exquisite and impressive collection of natural GIA certified pink diamonds as well as all other rare colored diamonds. All in a new, user friendly (for both desktop and mobile) design and loaded with useful and informative articles from our experts on various topics.

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Rare Blue Diamonds

You won't be singing the blues if you have in your possession a fancy blue diamond. Not only are they found in a variety of shades, from pure tones to those with overtones, and from light to vivid intensities, but they are among the world's most expensive and rarest fancy colored diamonds. Think of the sky and the sea, and blue's associations with peace and intelligence. Think of the other blue gemstones you love – sapphires, aquamarines, lapis lazuli – and add to them a diamond's sparkle and the magic revealed by a diamond's cut surface and depths, not to mention they are considered highly valuable collectors items. That's why you need a blue diamond.

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Canary Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds—what does the color yellow mean to you? Is it the color of a daffodil, tree leaves on a fall sunlit, golden day, a soft canary trilling at the window? It is a color of clarity, wisdom and optimism. Chinese consider it the most beautiful color. Gaze deep into a yellow diamond to see its brightness and diffusion of its color. A variety exists, including pale, amber, gold, and like our canary, pure vivid yellow diamonds. We specialize both in affordable 1-5 Carat VS-IF clarity yellow diamonds and in auction scale 10 Carat and over huge radiant cuts. All certified natural of course by leading labs such as GIA and IGI.

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Moussaieff – a name in diamonds

The most famous red diamond in the world is the Moussaieff Red, a 5.11-carat rarity, estimated at $20 million, owned by Moussaieff Jewellers, and its recently deceased owner, Shlomo Moussaieff. The family of jewelers, based in London for the last forty years, began its journey in Bukhara (now Uzbekstan)

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Collectors of fancy color diamonds

There are many collectors of colorless and fancy color diamonds whose names we will never know and many of the high prices paid at recent auctions were paid by "anonymous" collectors, but there are many individuals and jewelers who are known for their past and present diamond collecting.

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The Diamond Dream

Don Draper always seemed to enchant his clients by getting them engaged in the stories he created about their products. At Las Vegas' recent JCK show, Stephen Lussier of DeBeers and Forevermark spoke about the need to engage people in this manner in a segment of Martin Rapaport's talk on the diamond industry.

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Tell us stories about your diamonds

A wonderful opportunity to both share your passion about diamonds and win a natural pink diamond for free! Each person who submits a story over 250 words and sends us a nice photo as well will enter our special summer sweepstakes to win a unique natural pink diamond (To be announced by the end of July).Read more at our articles section!

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Jean Baptiste Tavernier and a trail of blue diamonds

Jean Baptiste Tavernier (1605-1689), had by 1630 left European travels behind and took the first of his six voyages to the East, the last in 1668. On his second voyage, he reached India and visited its diamond mines. In 1668, he first reported possession of an incredible 112-carat blue diamond (nearly the size of a man’s fist). In his published accounts of his voyages he never mentioned how he acquired the gem.

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