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Red Diam LTD are proud sponsors of The Hermitage Museum Foundation Israel

Red Diam Sponsors Hermitage Museum 250th Anniversary Gala Event

As part of the 250th anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum festivities, a very special gala evening was held last Sunday, Dec 21st, at the Tel-Aviv museum of arts. Over 300 guests arrived especially for this occasion from both Europe and the US as well as an elite group of local art enthusiasts and philanthropists.

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Rare Blue Diamonds

You won't be singing the blues if you have in your possession a fancy blue diamond. Not only are they found in a variety of shades, from pure tones to those with overtones, and from light to vivid intensities, but they are among the world's most expensive and rarest fancy colored diamonds. Think of the sky and the sea, and blue's associations with peace and intelligence. Think of the other blue gemstones you love – sapphires, aquamarines, lapis lazuli – and add to them a diamond's sparkle and the magic revealed by a diamond's cut surface and depths, not to mention they are considered highly valuable collectors items. That's why you need a blue diamond.

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Canary Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds—what does the color yellow mean to you? Is it the color of a daffodil, tree leaves on a fall sunlit, golden day, a soft canary trilling at the window? It is a color of clarity, wisdom and optimism. Chinese consider it the most beautiful color. Gaze deep into a yellow diamond to see its brightness and diffusion of its color. A variety exists, including pale, amber, gold, and like our canary, pure vivid yellow diamonds. We specialize both in affordable 1-5 Carat VS-IF clarity yellow diamonds and in auction scale 10 Carat and over huge radiant cuts. All certified natural of course by leading labs such as GIA and IGI.

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New York diamond talk

A recent article in the New York Times, "The Secret Slang of the Diamond District," gave its readers a glossary for some of the terms used by those in the trade. Many of the terms are in Yiddish, the language or former language of many engaged in the diamond business, but they are used by people of many ethnicities who are involved in today's diamond trade.

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The branding of natural fancy brown diamonds

"What's in a name? …a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." A fancy color brown diamond would be equally attractive and alluring to look at no matter what its name, but when it is called a "champagne" diamond, or a "cognac" diamond, a "chocolate" diamond (a trademarked title), or mocha, coffee, espresso, or any other evocative term, it takes on new associations that we mortals, driven by our human psyches, have added meaning to.

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Pink, purplish pink, and yellow diamonds are among April auction headliners

April 6th is the first important auction to be held in April by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. Although it is uncertain whether any records will be set, some very important and highly recommended fancy color diamonds will be up for the bidding. Among them is a fancy intense purple-pink diamond and diamond ring. The purple-pink pear-shaped diamond is 5.59 carats flanked by colorless diamonds weighing a total of 1.10 carats in a setting of 18 karat pink gold and platinum. The price range listed by Sotheby’s is $4.5 to $5.2 million. Currently, the diamond is in a private collection.

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Natural history museums with color diamond collections

You've just missed a couple of recent special exhibitions of fancy color diamonds at some of the important natural history museums, but we'll recap them for you here while reminding you that there are still gems to be seen in the museums' permanent collections which you can take advantage of in your travels.

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