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Red Diam LTD are proud sponsors of The Hermitage Museum Foundation Israel

Argyle Diamonds

Argyle diamonds, uplifted by pressure to the earth’s surface where they absorb light and acquire the structure creating their special pink quality, come from the Argyle Diamond Mine, owned by Rio Tinto in Western Australia. Over 90% of the world’s pink varieties—red, pink, purplish pink, pink rose, pink champagne, and blue violet—come from this mine and are unlike pink diamonds from any other source. Although the mine produces plenty of pink diamonds each year, only a handful weigh more than half a carat. The clock is ticking for the mine—2019 is its expected closing-date, making it worthwhile now to buy Argyle diamonds.

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Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds will get you pretty and give you a lift, day or night. We offer a variety of shades and hues—from very affordable light pink diamonds to auction house quality fancy vivid purplish pink diamonds. Cut and clarity will enhance your diamond, and whether you choose youthful and light, or go deeper in intensity, closer and closer to the heart of things, the rarest of all, red, you can have it all, fashion and passion, with pink diamonds.

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Our Jewelry

Below you can find a wide selection of natural fancy diamond jewelry, including diamond rings, diamond earrings and diamond bracelets. We work with top jewelry designers to provide hand-crafted, 18K gold and Fancy diamond jewelry assembly and design service. Buy your diamond jewelry from REDDIAM LTD, offering unique diamond jewelry designs at competitive prices.

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Hermitage Museum Foundation

With the blessing of Dr. Piotrovsky, and with the support and advise of Mr. Nicolas V. Iljine, a long lasting supporter of the State Hermitage Museum, Mr. Kabiri founded of the Hermitage Museum Foundation Israel

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2013 wrap up of a year in colored diamonds

Color was a big theme in 2013 and it looks like the trend will continue into the new year. Rio Tinto’s tender earned top prices for its top-line fancy pink and red color diamonds and Reddiam’s website has kept its readers apprised of this year’s auction receipts for fancy color diamonds.

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Masters of Dreams jewelry design documentary and De Young Museum feature Bulgari

Last spring, a four-part, French-made documentary was released giving an insider look at world-class jewelry houses. The series is now available on DVD. The documentary explores how some of the fantastic jewels adorning celebrities and others are made, the designers behind them, and the inspiration behind the designers.

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