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Fancy Color Diamond Jewelry

Colored diamond jewelry is becoming more and more popular and it is clearly the strongest fashion statement being made today. Whether on the red carpet, in high fashion magazines and even museums of fine arts, it seems that everyone wants to wear, design and show fancy color diamonds. As expert manufacturers of rare natural fancy color diamonds, we at Red Diam LTD are delighted to be a part of this global movement and to utilize our expertise for your satisfaction and enjoyment.

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Rare Blue Diamonds

You won't be singing the blues if you have in your possession a fancy blue diamond. Not only are they found in a variety of shades, from pure tones to those with overtones, and from light to vivid intensities, but they are among the world's most expensive and rarest fancy colored diamonds. Think of the sky and the sea, and blue's associations with peace and intelligence. Think of the other blue gemstones you love – sapphires, aquamarines, lapis lazuli – and add to them a diamond's sparkle and the magic revealed by a diamond's cut surface and depths, not to mention they are considered highly valuable collectors items. That's why you need a blue diamond.

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Canary Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds—what does the color yellow mean to you? Is it the color of a daffodil, tree leaves on a fall sunlit, golden day, a soft canary trilling at the window? It is a color of clarity, wisdom and optimism. Chinese consider it the most beautiful color. Gaze deep into a yellow diamond to see its brightness and diffusion of its color. A variety exists, including pale, amber, gold, and like our canary, pure vivid yellow diamonds. We specialize both in affordable 1-5 Carat VS-IF clarity yellow diamonds and in auction scale 10 Carat and over huge radiant cuts. All certified natural of course by leading labs such as GIA and IGI.

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The rise of jewelry designers in Asia

In a previous article about the 2014 Biennale in Paris, mention was made of a re-appearance of superstar Hong Kong jewelry designer Wallace Chan (born in Fuzhou and based in Macau). His debut at the Biennale in 2012, in a collection called "The Path to Enlightenment – Art and Zen" (Chan is an adherent) was followed by this year's "Behold, Behold" collection and his inspired works of art and artistry have attracted an audience of Chinese as well as world-wide collectors, and other interested parties including auction houses, royals, celebs, museums and galleries.

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Pretty as a Princess

Tiaras, although originating as a kind of crown in ancient times and cultures, can today mean a type of headwear, generally associated with royals, but which can be worn by ordinary mortals as well. They appear as elaborate, valuable jewel-encrusted pieces, making extensive use of white diamonds, and more recently fancy color diamonds, and passed down the royal lineage, as well as in simpler designs and materials. There was great speculation about which headpiece Kate Middleton would wear at her wedding to Prince William and her mother-in-law lent her the family Cartier Halo Tiara.

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Argyle's 2014 tender presents four shades of red birds

On October 8th, the birds will be in for Rio Tinto's 2014 Argyle tender. Only 150 collectors, diamond aficionados, studios and jewelers, among them Harry Winston, Graff, Cartier and Tiffany, have the right to place bids. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Rio Tinto's tender and we'll see if this year breaks last year's sales records.

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