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Signature Diamonds

As a diverse group of people, we love many types of diamonds, whether small or large, fancy colored or white, round or fancy cut. But as a company you can say we have a certain expertise and taste which differentiates us from the mass of other companies in the field. These are the diamonds that we'll never pass on acquiring, no matter how crazy is the current market price for them and no matter how much time and effort we need to put in the production process. We call them our "signature diamonds". Unique and gorgeous stones that when knowledgeable buyers in the market examine them and they will say at first glance "This is a Reddiam LTD stone, isn't it?".

Here are some examples and specimens of such stones from both our current stock of diamonds and also some historical pieces:

Large Canary Vivid Yellow Diamonds 


9 Carat vivid yellow diamond


This amazing stone was cut from a very large rough diamond from Zimmi, Sierra Leone and has a sibling vivid yellow 10.95 ct Asscher cut diamond. You can't imagine how much work was put into the process of it's creation. It took over 500 Million years to form deep within the earth. Upon discovery it was auctioned to select members of the trade and generated a fierce competition to obtain it. We were blessed to have the opportunity to acquire it.

Then came the creative and fun part which is to polish it to it's final, glorious state. Who will be the lucky one to take it home?


Zimmi rough yellow diamond


As you can clearly see from the photo above the color of stones from this rare source already show wonderful saturation at their rough state.

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Large Type IIa D IF Colorless Diamonds


12 carat D flawless diamond


The superb 12.74 ct oval cut D internally flawless diamond is the crown jewel of our long tradition of cutting only the best and purest colorless natural diamonds, type IIa diamonds. With no traces of foreign atoms (such as Nitrogen), this stone has no flaws.

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Type II Natural Blue Diamonds


 Deep blue diamond


It's very difficult to obtain a large enough rough blue diamond that will actually have good color presence such as the above. But from time to time we get lucky! Did you know? true natural blue diamonds of type IIb contain Boron element particles that were trapped during it's formation and because they absorb yellow light spectrum it turns the diamond into blue. Also a not well known fact is that natural blue diamonds have the ability to conduct electricity.

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Natural Intense Pink Diamonds 1ct+


These Two remerkable stones below are already sold, but we always come up with new and creative ways to obtain more of them!


2ct pink diamond

1ct pink diamond


There is not other gemstone quite like natural pink diamonds. The sweet color, that romantic rosy hue. No wonder their prices have been steadily on the rise for the past 30 years. We always have a few noteworthy pink diamonds for sale and fancy intense color is usually the best value for your investment.

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